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I grew up in a large family in Texas and the center of our house was the kitchen. My mother spent many hours in there to assure that we would eat healthy, homemade meals. When I became a teenager she decided that it was time for me to learn to cook. Daunted at first, I soon realized that I enjoyed creating food as much as I enjoyed eating it. As long as my mother was there to help, anything was possible. My knowledge grew and so did my curiosity. I was fascinated by all the flavors, textures, and colors that were available; the grocery store became my favorite exploration site. I eventually moved away and pursued school; as I collected my scholarly degrees, I collected cookbooks. Always learning and being forever curious about the things I did not know. Now it is my greatest delight and honor to provide the people I love with wholesome meals and comforting treats. 


Throughout the years people would request cakes for their birthdays, cookies for the holidays, and would sneak in my door at dinnertime. I am always happy to share and look forward to providing you and your loved ones with elegant and flavorful regalements. 


Nevermore Black


Nevermore is my eight year old African Brown Necked Raven. I adopted him at six weeks old and my life forever changed!

He is full of energy and personality, and reminds me to keep a sense of humor about life. He observes all the kitchen creating, and approves the baked goods with a robust, “It’s okay!” (yes, he really does talk!)


Follow his antics!


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