Vegan Mentoring

$75 / hour

I hope that you will allow me to help you on your vegan journey. 

I have 21 years of experience on how to navigate this lifestyle, and would love to share everything I have learned with you! 

I was 14 when I stopped eating meat.

I was alone and did not know any vegetarians/vegans.

It would have so much easier with someone by my side who could help me.


Certificate in Forks Over Knives Plant Based Cooking (2018)

Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition (2016)

Certificate in Archetypal & Cross-Cultural Psychology (2016)

M.A. in Philosophy & Religion (2008)

Certificate in Helping Skills (2003)

B.S. in Psychology (2003)

Vegan (2002)

Vegetarian (1996)

What happens during the hour?

I listen to you to understand why you are choosing this lifestyle.

With training in both ethics and health, I personalize the information to your unique goal.

  • I will share references, websites, books, documentaries, and other sources I find helpful and believe will help you. 

  • I will engage in philosophical discussion on why not eating animals is the best option for humans.

  • I will customize an eating plan for you.

  • I will meet you at the grocery store and will point out all the vegan products, and help you learn how to read labels.

  • I will help you begin a WFPB no-oil diet. 

  • I will go to a restaurant with you to help you learn how to order a vegan meal. 

  • I will go to your house to teach you simple cooking skills to make a vegan meal.

  • I will offer emotional support in spite of societal or familial pressures to eat meat.

It's up to you what you need and we can work together so that you may achieve your goals!


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